About us.

Barna Cashmere - Storia della famiglia MartiniMartini s.r.l., a recognised textile company, was established in 1992 by Giuseppe Martini, born in Terni in 1966. Since childhood, Giuseppe has always had a great passion for tailoring; he learned to tack, machine sew and knit at the early age of ten. At the age of twenty-one he started working in his uncle’s knitwear factory. In the late 1980s, information technology revolutionized the knitting and garment finishing machines. Without hesitation, Giuseppe jumped headfirst into studying this new discipline and, within two years, had become a very promising programmer. The company, keeping pace with technology, equipped itself with innovative machinery and began collaborating with prestigious brands: Trussardi, through Hemmond, Gian Marco Venturi, Valentino and a famous Roman label, Marisa Pellegrini.

Giuseppe married early, and at the age of twenty-four, with a family over his young shoulders, he realized that one salary was not enough to pay the bills. That is when he had begun looking for work for his wife and one day, browsing through the newspaper, he came across an advertisement of a company in Rome, Il Maglificio dei Trinci, looking for a programmer to create knitwear collections for women. In May 1991, he set out on a new adventure. The collaboration required two days of work per week and this allowed him to earn the same amount that he made working in his uncle’s knitwear factory. The experience gained led up to other collaborations until a real turning point – in June of 1992, Shima Seiki, leading Japanese manufacturer of computerised knitting machines, proposed opening a branch in Terni for sales of knitting machines, prototypes and samples. Thus, Giuseppe registered for VAT number and continued his collaboration with Il Maglificio dei Trinci, which has been working mainly for Schostal and Gamma. His experience in programming for knitting machines reached its peak between 1993 and 2000, thanks to the active collaboration of his wife Lucia.

Through the years, the company has had a large number of collaborations, direct and indirect, with many internationally famous stylists: Donna Karan, Trussardi, Chanel, Fred Perry, Lorena Antoniazzi, Antonio Argirò, Lamberto Losani, Brunello Cucinelli, Borrelli, Saverio Palatela, Malo, Barba, Osvaldo Testa and many more. Between 1999 and 2001, Giuseppe carried out research in new generation knitwear machinery (whole garment, literally without sewing) for Shima Seiki, achieving various acknowledgements.

MARTINI-NAGY BN_edited-1The Barna knitwear line was first presented in 1996 as an addition to the activities carried out by the company, initially the brand was for womenswear only with garments made of mixed yarns (cotton/viscose or silk for summer and pure wool for winter).

In the early stage of the Barna brand, sales mainly covered the Asian market (Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong). The success of the brand was achieved due to participation in various international trade fairs and exposition at a fancy showroom in Florence. In the late 1990s, following the Asian market crisis, Barna changed its look and target market; it began shifting towards Italy and genuine and exclusive materials, such as cashmere. The first client, who had one shop at the start of the collaboration, is still loyal to the brand and today has five shops in various Italian cities. In 2007, the family enterprise grew and Giuseppe, together with his wife Lucia, decided to transform the business into a limited company.

Today, among many collaborations with important Italian fashion brands, Martini S.r.l. produces Barna Cashmere as well as other luxury brands. The product is distributed through sales agents or directly to boutiques. Barna Cashmere has been widely recognized for elegant and exclusive Italian made textile accessories entirely in cashmere, working researched yarn from soffio cashmere (ultrathin yarn, 80.000 metres of yarn per kilogram) to six-ply knits of standard cashmere. The men’s/women’s knitwear is characterized by classic lines and great attention to the finish and especially to the wearability. After thirty years of experience, Martini s.r.l. focuses on simple and yet original styles and very soft lines. The yarn arrives in the company only after a strict selection process; they are bought only from leading Italian yarn manufacturers (Cariaggi, Loro Piana e Biagioli) and are all quality certified.

All of the garments produced by Martini s.r.l are results of unique Italian artisanship. The best of Martini Srl is achieved with the superfine quality of complex 18 gauge knitting tecnique, ability to flawlessly produce most challenging knits gives Martini Srl a clear competitive advantage in the market. The company guarantees the best quality products due to the avant-garde machinery and expert artistry. After years of selection and experience in the fashion industry, today the company avails of highly qualified personnel: an aspect to which Martini s.r.l. pays particular attention, strongly asserting that respect for people and work lead to excellence at every level. A simple phrase “Do it well, make it better, also when it works – make it even better” has become a slogan of the company. We believe that the high quality production and carefully selected materials are crucial for a modern approach in fashion.