Valuation parameters.

There are various factors which determine the quality of the cashmere and, therefore, its market value.

Colour  – White cashmere is more precious as it allows for delicate dyeing.

The fineness or micron rating  – The finer the thread, the higher the demand and the higher the price.

The sediments content  – The lower the amount of sediments and impurities, the purer and more precious the cashmere.

The length of the fibre  – The short hair is what protects the animal most from the cold and it is considered the best quality material.



  • Cashmere goats are about 70 centimetres in height, females weigh between 35 and 45 kilograms and males between 50 and 60 kilograms. The males produce a greater quantity of duvet as the females shed their wool more often due to pregnancy and nursing.
  • After dehairing, the diameter of cashmere ranges between 14 and 16 microns.
  • The final yield of duvet, after collection, ranges between 50% and 55% of the original raw material.