FW 2020 | 2021 Women’s Collection Trade Show.

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on February 4th, 2020


17 – 19 Gennaio 2020

Palais de la Bourse – Paris

9 -11 Febbraio 2020

Kingdom Street Paddington – London


20 – 23 Febbraio 2020

Tortona 27 – Milano


28 Febbraio – 2 Marzo 2020

Palais de la Bourse – Paris


La partecipazione …

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Barna Cashmere is a unique knitwear line, carrying thirty years of research and experience, that brings together the finest cashmere yarns, luxury and innovative knitting techniques. Barna is also Umbria, a region in the heart of Italy, famous for excellent artisanship in cashmere manufacturing; and it is a daughter of the passion and competence of its founder Giuseppe Martini. In 1996, Giuseppe - owner of a successful knitwear manufacturing company Martini Srl , has decided to create an exclusive knitwear line applying his enterpreneurial skills and the expertise gained in over three decades working in the fashion business. Starting with the programming of manual knitting machines, passing on to research in the field of new technologies and then on to production, Martini has managed to create a small but exclusive enterprise, where the quality is defined by the excellence of primary materials and careful work of artisans who pay great attention to detail. All of the above, over the years, has given Barna Cashmere an attentive and demanding market niche.

Barna’s styles are simple yet unique with embracing soft lines. Barna Cashmere represents sophistication and elegance, paying a particular attention to finish and wearability, since details, visible only to the expert eye, make all the difference. The added value of Barna Cashmere are fifteen people who, each day, collaborate with solidarity implementing their qualification and skill gained through years of experience. Creating an environment with strong sense of responsibility towards the workplace; these people live as a family, as well as a strong productive enterprise, following a simple philosophy “do it well”. Barna Cashmere brand is distributed all over Italy and abroad to exclusive boutiques that, for many years, have been loyal to the values and talents of the company which has established itself with enthusiasm and refined elegance, as a little forge of excellence, focusing on luxury and continuous research rather than large scale production.


Passion. Expertise.